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Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers say about us how Performance Chips boosted the horsepower and improved the fuel economy of their vehicles. Join our thousands of satisfied customers today!

installed on my 2016 5.0 coyote, definite power and torque increase, mileage has increased slightly, will be buying one for my escape

   – Mike S F150 5.0 

Thanks for shipping it so quickly, I got it in time for my road trip.

     – Ellen Ford Escape 2.0 

I would reorder and I recommend to my friends and family.

–Dean G. Silverado 5.3

I recently finished a lengthy road trip and was very much impressed with the mileage improvement. At 75+ mph I improved my gas mpg by 4 mpg! Just thought you should know!

   – Anonymous 

I just bought a new Stinger v6 turbo and my the power and torque difference from stock the stage 3 chip is massively improved. The Car was already super quick and really fun but adding the chip just made it better. Thanks

     – Vince S. Kia Stinger  

Thanks I appreciate the quick responses and shipping. Simple install and no fuss. Have a nice day

–Curtis H. 6.4 Hemi

After some U.S.P.S snafu’s I received my chip. It took me less than a minute to install, engaged the sport mode pressed the peddle, and “Whoa” took of like a bat out of hell. I’ve had tuning kits on previous vehicles that cost 3x what this EDU cost and a few hours to install and can say with certainty that chip your car is a no brainer. I did have some reservations about getting the power out of an ECU chip, but I can happily say that chipmycar exceeded all my expectations. I know have a super fast 2018 Infiniti Q50 twin turbo!

   – Mike F. Infiniti Q50 TT

I’m a 50 year practicing mechanic and have used and seen them all but this chip and programming actually do the job! Wow, all hesitation is gone! Performance is very noticeable! Smooth shifting Crisp throttle response! I’m totally impressed! It Really Works! Buy it you won’t be disappointed!

     – George F. Cadillac XTS      

I am immediately impressed with the power and torque changes and am beginning to see fuel economy increase the more I drive. Thanks for the military discount also that means a lot to me.

–Jason  BMW 328i

I installed this Chip and my mileage increased by 5 to 6 miles per gal. in town driving and highway driving

   – Glenn GMC Acadia

Great Customer service and I got the chip in 3 days. So far I’ve noticed better throttle response and low end power.

     – Tom Lexus IS350

This is Bill the person you talked to yesterday about my chip not working in the 1997 dodge. Well, here is the news in what you told me what to do. I did the program over and did not miss a step, the truck now has power and thank you for all your help to complete this task you now have another happy customer!

     – Bill S. Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 5.9     

I just received my stage 3 in the mail today and I am blown away with the gains. I have used super chips, diablo in the past and there’s nothing else on the market currently. For half the price and better results, I could not have made a better choice with this product.

   – Anonymous Chevy Equinox

Im surprised and happy with the results.

–Paul G. Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Thanks, Worked great on my new Kia sorento. I would recommend to my friends and family as well as buy again.

– Sarah R. Kia Sorento 2016

Super easy to install and I can feel the difference a lot when I tow my boat which is what I’m looking for. Thanks

     – Robert B. GMC Sierra

Perfect every gear feels it fast strong I like it I’m going to get the intake cold air too.

     – John F150 Ecoboost 

Im getting great fuel mileage now. I used the stage 3 on my Dodge ram 1500. Thanks!!!

     – Ryan K. Dodge Ram 5.7 2010

Im using the stage 3 on my jeep wrangler and getting much better fuel economy and power after installing 33″ tires. Thank you

    – Jake  Jeep Wrangler 2008 

Exactly what I wanted. Easy plug in install and noticeable results. I will be purchasing for my other vehicles also.

     – Dennis Mazda CX9

I appreciate your help and fast shipping. The chip was a super easy install and did exactly what I wanted. Thanks

     – Alan Nissan Titan XD

Best modification I’ve done yet.

    – Matt H. Mini Cooper S 

Easiest mod if done yet and the best power gain.

 – Alex E. Ford Focus 2012

I ordered the Stage 3 chip for my accord and got about 4.4 mpg gain with my normal commute. I don’t know the power number gain but I can defiantly feel it.

     – Devon M. Honda Accord v6

Thank you for the quick response and the help the chip works great,, I noticed a gas savings on long-distance hunting trips it’s a four-wheel drive and the extra power off road is definitely there…I happy with my purchase..

     – Chris S. Ford F150

Just got mine love it, easy install. thank you

     – Troy U. Mercedes ML

I pull a 12,000+ lbs trailer every day so the stage 3 chip helped with adding power and torque very well.

– Melvin Ford F350

Wow a VERY NICE improvement. All around better performance. Thanks nice job

     – Chris R. Audi A4

The stage 3 chip added 3.4 mpg on my 37 ft motorhome which potentially will save me thousands of dollars. Easy to install and fast shipping.

 – Sal Ford F550 V10 motorhome

Best bang for the buck. It was a night and day difference in pulling torque and roughly 3-4 mpg while pulling a 6000 lb trailer.

     – Kevin 2018 Ram 6.4 

Easy to install as documented by the video, first purchase was for my wife’s 2006 H3, truck has improved throttle response and better gas mileage, impressed. Wife is happy as well!! Purchase another chip for my 2017 Ram.

–Kenneth 2017 Ram 5.7

since your site is the ONLY one I’ve found that has legit performance tune parts, I will refer the customer to you directly. I am a seasoned ASE Master tech, 32 years in the industry, Advanced performance specialist and factory trained on 12 car lines. This seems like the best solution for the customer


I love the mileage and power improvements.

     – Mark Camaro SS

Ive used about 3 different chips now in my charger and the chipyourcar stage 3 is by the the biggest horsepower gain I’ve seen yet.

 – Darren Dodge charger hemi

Hey Rob I like this chip so far, it’s really good at high speeds when needing to pass on the highway, and its did well on the gas needle, it will do even better once I get a cruise control installed in my 09 SMART FOR TWO BRABUS……..THE STAGE 3 CHIP…

– Sean Smart for two Brabus

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