60-Second Performance Chip Installation 

Installing Performance Chips

Total install time for one of our performance chips is roughly 60 seconds. You don’t need any mechanical experience! Still, we have technical support if you have any questions or concerns. Call for technical support.



Remove Key from Ignition


Plug In Performance Chip


Start Vehicle & Drive

Directions for Installation

1. Make sure your car key is pulled out of the ignition
2. Find your OBD2/ Diagnostic port typically under your dashboard and plug in the chip.
3. Insert your key into the ignition and turn key to the accessory position to where your dash lights illuminate. If the vehicle is equipped with the ignition button, press the ignition button with foot off the brake to access the accessory position.
4. Wait roughly 5-10 seconds for the chip to communicate with your ECU. Once chip-to-ECU connection is successful lights on chip front will flash rapidly.
5. Start vehicle.
6. Press and hold the reset button located on the front of the performance chip face roughly 5 seconds to start programming the ECU. The Performance Chip stays plugged into the OBD2 port.
7.  Drive as usual a minimum of 50 total miles to complete the software download. (You do not need to drive all 50 miles consecutively.)

If you wish to return the vehicle back to stock tune settings, just unplug the performance chip with the motor turned off.

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