Start your vehicle. Locate the OBD2 port under the driver’s side dash.

Plug the Chip in and wait 15 seconds. Press and hold the SYNC/RESET button for 15 seconds.

Drive as normal for 150 accumulative miles to complete the calibration.


                  CHIP INSTALLATION


Total performance chip installation time is roughly 60 seconds without any mechanical experience— Still, we have technical support at 763-370-2746 if you have any questions.

1. START your vehicle.

2. LOCATE the OBD-2 PORT under the driver-side dashboard.

3. CHECK THE OBD2 PORT for any dirt, dust, or grime. Clean out to ensure a thorough connection

4. PLUG IN the performance chip: Wait 15 seconds.

5. PRESS & HOLD the SYNC/RESET button on the front of the chip for 15 seconds.

6. DRIVE as usual allowing a minimum of 150 total accumulated miles. This allows the chip to complete the remapping of the fuel-air exchange for optimal performance. 

> The Performance Chip MUST STAY plugged into the OBD2 port to operate.
> The lights on the Performance Chip are for programming purposes only. You may find some or all of the lights go out fairly quickly- these are not indicative of operation and do not require monitoring.
> Higher octane fuel is recommended for higher gains but is not required. All grade chips work with all fuel grades.
> To return the vehicle to stock tune settings: With MOTOR OFF, unplug the Performance Chip and the vehicle will return to its original settings the next time you start it.

Product Installation & Review Videos

Customer Provided Videos // Installation & Reviews


It just makes good sense to be keeping good track of your car’s performance and needs. But as much as we love old Bob’s jokes over at your local mechanic, you can’t afford to stop in everyday just to say ‘Hi’ and get a reading on how your truck is doing today. You CAN, however, keep a 24/7 close eye on how she’s performing with a simple chip and a handy app sending real-time performance details to your phone.

What kind of miles per gallon did you get on our trip last week?
How much more gas will it cost to haul my brother’s trailer across country?
How efficiently is my wife’s ride running?

This Performance Monitor System is a plug + play setup that utilizes Bluetooth/WiFi to provide you with realtime performance feedback. Instant detailed monitoring of your car’s performance: So much value in one little chip + app! 

  • Smartphone Wireless Monitoring System

    $59.99 USD Sale!
  • Get the most of your Performance Chip by adding the Performance Monitor
  • The splitter cable installs easily to provide the two OBD2 Ports needed
  • Bluetooth/WiFi capability sends important engine information to your phone
  • Watch your Performance Chip efficiency and performance details realtime

Performance Monitor Chip Setup

  1. Connect the OBD2 splitter to your vehicle’s OBD2 port located under the dash on the driver’s side.
  2. Connect the Scanning Adapter to one of the open OBD2 ports on the splitter.
  3. Turn on your vehicle.

4. Connect to the Adapter (Android)

  1. Open your phone and navigate to your Bluetooth settings
    • Look for the Bluetooth symbol 5 common computer symbols explained in your Navigation Bar
    • OR open Settings > Connections > Bluetooth
  2. Connect to OBDII
    • If a PIN is needed, enter 1234 or 000

4. Connect to the Adapter (iPhone)

  1. Open your phone and navigate to your WiFi settings
  2. Connect to WiFi-OBDII

5. Download/Open Your App of Choice:

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 (Free)

  • Available for Android or iPhone
  • View vehicle performance, sensor data, and fault codes (perfect if your Check Engine light ever comes on)


DashCommand ($9.99)

  • Available for Android or iPhone
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • View vehicle performance, sensor data, and fault codes (perfect if your Check Engine light ever comes on)