Performance Chip - Chip Your Car - Installation

How to Install Your Performance Chip

Installing a performance chip in your vehicle provides several benefits for those who install it. Just like installing a modified part to improve a vehicle’s performance, a chip can unlock ways to modify the vehicle to increase speed, fuel efficiency, and more. If you’re currently interested in purchasing a performance enhancement chip, you’ll need to learn how to install it correctly.

Start Your Vehicle

The first step in installing your performance chip is to start your car.

Locate the OBD2 Port

Under your vehicle’s dash, you’ll be able to locate the OBD2 port. This device is the onboard diagnostics port. It is where you can connect tools that provide readouts and information about the vehicle’s sub-systems. This port has 16 pins, allows you to get error readings, and is the spot for connecting the OBD reader.

Inspect and Clean

Look at the port to determine if there is dust or possible debris in the way. Clean the area, if so, before installing the performance chip.

Insert Performance Chip

You’ll plug the chip into the OBD2 port. Once the performance chip is inserted, you’ll wait 15 seconds. Once the time is up, you press the SYNC/RESET button on the chip and hold it down for 15 seconds.


For the calibration to be fully completed, you’ll need to drive 150 miles. You don’t need to complete this action all at once, but you usually drive daily over time.


You can easily monitor the chip’s performance by stopping into your local mechanic’s shop for a readout, or you can get the Performance Monitor System, a plug that operates via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It provides real-time details regarding performance. It’s the easiest way to stay informed and alert.

Why Install a Performance Chip?

There are a few great reasons to install a performance chip in your vehicle. Consider the following benefits.

More Torque and Horsepower 

All you need to do to increase your vehicle’s torque and horsepower is install a performance chip. You can also easily install the chip to gain up to an additional 60 hp overall. It’s cheaper than installing custom parts, and you can do it yourself.

Better Fuel Efficiency 

Getting better fuel efficiency is easy when you install a performance chip. On average, you’ll see improvement between 4-6 mpg. Your savings can add up to thousands in a few years.

How Does the Performance Chip Work?

The performance chip provides a steady signal stream to the data sensor in your vehicle. This process makes the factory engine control module or EMC optimize your fuel mixture and air mixture. It also improves your spark and timing while increasing your boost pressure.

Post-installation Details

There are a few details to keep in mind after installing your performance chip. You must keep your chip installed and leave it in the OBD2 port for it to function. If you want to get optimal performance, use high-grade fuel. If you want to remove the performance chip, you’ll need to remove it with your engine off, and it will return to its original settings after cranking your vehicle post-removal. There’s no need to monitor the chip’s performance based on its lights. The lights on the performance chip are part of its design and flash while in operation.


Get better overall performance and fuel economy by simply installing the performance chip designed for your vehicle. It’s the most convenient and economical option and only takes minutes to install.

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