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Improving a vehicle’s performance can be done in a number of ways.

A driver can choose to bolt new parts onto existing parts of their vehicle, replace parts of the vehicle, or modify various aspects of the vehicle. A performance tune is a common method that drivers use to enhance the performance of their vehicles and make their vehicles faster. Performance chip tuning actually goes hand-in-hand with many other performance modifications. A performance chip can allow you to unlock the performance that your Ford vehicle already has and improve its performance as well.

Improving Your Ford Vehicle’s Performance

While there are many Ford vehicles that are sold with excellent performance characteristics, Ford sells their vehicles with a lot of potential left on the table. This is purposefully done so that their vehicles can last as long as possible while also meeting government regulations and environmental standards. Performance chips allow this untapped potential to be released.
When you install a performance chip on your vehicle, you can tune the chip of the vehicle to alter various aspects of your Ford vehicle. You can improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, for example, or you can increase the power that your vehicle’s engine produces. To improve your vehicle’s performance, you will need to use specialized tuning software with your vehicle’s performance chip and make incremental adjustments to the characteristics of the engine, such as the engine’s timing or the fuel maps of the engine. Using a performance chip and supporting parts, you can also tune your vehicle to use a completely different fuel as well.
For the best results, you should install a performance chip on your vehicle and install performance parts on the vehicle as well. As you add more performance parts to your vehicle, you will be able to make adjustments to the vehicle’s tune using the performance chip so that the vehicle’s parts can work more efficiently with one another. The combination of both will allow you to maximize the potential of your vehicle and its many components.

Our Products and Services

At Chip Your Car, you have access to a variety of products for your Ford vehicle. We offer performance chip solutions that are easy to install and quick to use on your vehicle. You can make your Ford vehicle faster and more powerful using our products. Additionally, you can improve the efficiency of your vehicle with our products as well. If you need assistance with your vehicle or the products that we have to offer, we are here to help you.

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Performance chip tuning, often mistakenly referred to as ECU tuning, has been used on vehicles since the 1980s with the advent of computer technology. Performance chip tuning is different from ECU tuning, as a performance chip is a completely new component that is installed on a vehicle to improve the vehicle’s performance. ECU tuning simply involves updating the electronic control unit that is already on the vehicle from the factory. While ECU tuning provides a quick way to enhance a vehicle’s performance using its original equipment, there are limits to ECU tuning.
When you are shopping for a Ford performance chip, you will have a multitude of options that are available to you. One of the most common characteristics that you will see with the performance chips that we have to offer is stages. Denoted as “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, and so on, these stages represent the sets of performance modifications that a vehicle has. These stages can vary across vehicles and it is important that you purchase the right performance chip for the modifications that your vehicle has. You can contact us if you are unsure of which Ford performance chip your vehicle needs.
There are several types of performance chips that are available for your Ford vehicle. Alternative to swapping the chip of your vehicle, you can purchase a plug-in module or a tuning box, which will allow you to make adjustments to the existing ECU of your vehicle.


Equipping your Ford vehicle with a performance chip is one of the best ways for you to unleash its hidden potential and improve its performance. Performance chips not only allow your vehicle to produce more power, but are able to be used in order to make your vehicle more efficient as well. When you are enhancing the performance of your Ford vehicle using performance chip tuning, make sure to purchase your products from reputable dealers and to have your vehicle modified by experienced technicians.