Get better gas mileage with a performance chip by Chip Your Car, then save gas money.


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How Performance Chips Increase Gas Mileage

Gas prices aren't going to decrease in cost and history has proved itself. Remember when gas was $0.99/gallon? Although those days may be gone forever, you can still get better gas mileage and save gas money with a performance chip. Yes, that's…
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What Affects MPG the Most

Hey, there fellow drivers! Are you tired of making constant trips to the gas station? Want to improve your car’s fuel efficiency and save money on gas? As specialists in vehicle performance, we happen to know quite a bit about what affects…
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Causes Of Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle emissions are harmful substances that automobiles release into the air. Internal combustion causes the release of these emissions. They come from a vehicle's exhaust, as well as fuel combustion and the motion of the vehicle. Of the three,…