Mercedes performance chips can enhance your driving experience, give you better gas mileage, and increase horsepower.


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The World's 5 Most Luxurious Cars

Highly coveted, dream purchases and objects of irrational want are just some of the terms people use to describe luxury cars. For many, there is nothing more desirable than those automobiles. Luxury takes a whole new meaning when it comes to…
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How Can I Improve Gas Mileage In My Mercedes?

With the price of gas increasing, you may be wondering how you can improve your Mercedes' gas mileage... There are lots of people who love driving a Mercedes because of the luxury feel of the vehicle. Everything in the vehicle has been carefully…
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How Can I Improve Horsepower With a Mercedes Performance Chip Tune?

Mercedes-Benz is a brand known for performance and luxury. But did you know a Mercedes performance chip could allow you to get even more out of your favorite model? A performance chip optimizes the stock settings of a Mercedes to increase…