Performance Chip - Chip Your Car - Supercar vs Hypercar

Supercars and hypercars are the most remarkable inventions for fast car lovers worldwide. A person’s jaw will hit the floor at a mere glimpse at one of these vehicles. Given that they both sound amazing it’s actually easy to pinpoint what makes each vehicle type unique. So what are the differences, and which is better, the supercar or the hypercar?

Supercar or Hypercar?

Car enthusiasts rave for both, but supercars are made for the thrill of tearing it open on the open roads, exotic showoffs, and handling speeds only allowed on the racetrack. Hypercars surpass all expectations and are limited editions, cost well over $1 million, have more power-to-weight ratio, and at the time of the rare release they take the cake compared to most comparable models.

Let’s dig deeper now that we know the overall features of each car. Without each model’s exquisite characteristics, they’re nothing more than an average sportscar. Obviously, when it comes to impeccable horsepower they’re both at the top of the food chain. Ultimately the driver’s personal taste for adventure would be able to choose which one is the better vehicle, but what exactly makes each one unique?


Many people get confused with sportscars, supercars, and hypercars, but some differences separate each. Supercars are in a class of their own. Three top things need mentioning because a supercar is the only car made just for fun and showing off.

Performance Chip - Chip Your Car - Supercars

Thrill Makes All the Difference

The entire reason people purchase cars is to get from one location to another. If a car owner has a monster of a vehicle that has a stylish, up-class look, horsepower, speed, and everything a person only dreams of in a vehicle, it’s a supercar. Still, they only use it for showing off, having fun, and enjoying the thrill of the ride. Then they have a supercar.

Exotic Only

A BMW is known for being exotic, but it is not the epitome of the word. Put a BMW M3 side by side with a Ferrari 488, and the Ferrari wipes the BMW off the map. Even as the vehicle is at a standstill, it oozes exotic and more with its performance and speed. This is what we mean when we say for a person to understand the difference between a supercar and a hypercar, they must first understand the difference in exotics and usage between supercars and sportscars.

Ridiculously Fast

Most sportscars can range in top speeds of 170MPH to 190MPH. Comparing it to supercars with top speeds up to 225MPH. It is insane the speed these supercars can hold, but it is another way to tell the difference. However, the top speed is in the same range for both supercars and hypercars.


Many consider that the first hypercar came out in the middle of 2000. It was a Bugatti Veyron 16/4, and the screaming engine had 1,001 HP with 16 cylinders. There are similarities in the exotic style, power, and thrill of the ride compared to supercars. However, there are four distinct differences to note that separate the vehicles.

Performance Chip - Chip Your Car - Hypercar

Over $1 Million

Unfortunately, these cars will never be in the hands of an average everyday person. This is the only con between supercars and hypercars. Only the rich can enjoy these powerful cars. To consider it a hypercar, the price tag on each vehicle is over $1 million at the point of its release in the first year.

Power to Weight Ratio

All hypercars have a ratio of power to weight capped off at 550HP/ton or more. This means these cars are lighter and have more horsepower than the average vehicle. They are built for luxury and speed.

Limited Productions

The hypercars are no stranger to limited editions. It costs so much money to produce hypercars. They are limited editions when they hit the floor. The most built within a year for any specific model is capped off at 1000.

Fully Electric

All hypercars are fully electric, and the newest battery pushes out over 1400HP to the entire vehicle. The hypercar is nothing less than the cutting edge upon release.

Other Options to Consider

Some need more horsepower and performance, while others are more frugal with fuel efficiency. Fortunately, technology has come a long way in the past decade giving us new, innovative options to consider for our vehicles. Available for all makes and models, our performance chip that adds 40-60 HP and increases mpg by 4 to 6 miles. Even though a supercar or hypercar may be out of our range, performance chips are affordable and offer a new driving experience on their own.