Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Pros vs Cons

Are you planning to modify your vehicle to increase its performance? Along with part modifications, a performance chip tuning is a must-get. Performance chip tuning isn’t meant to give your vehicle any superpowers; instead, it unlocks the performance potential of the automobile that the manufacturer left on the table. Car manufacturers usually leave some performance potential on the table in an effort to make the vehicle last for as long as possible. At Chip Your Car, we offer industry-leading performance chip tuning for all kinds of vehicles at competitive prices. Here’s an exploration of our performance chip tuning.

What Are the Benefits of Performance Chip Tuning?

Safe modification: Unlike other modification options, our performance chip tuning doesn’t alter the safety characteristics of your car. After installing a performance chip tuning, your car will remain as safe as it was when it left the factory. This also means that your vehicle warranty will remain active.

Meets emission standards: Even after installing a performance chip tuning, your vehicle will still meet emission standards. Moreover, the performance chip can easily be removed for emissions testing. Improved power: Our performance chips take advantage of cutting-edge technology to unlock roughly 40-60 horsepower of engine performance that was left untapped by the manufacturer. The improved power will give your vehicle a better throttle response and more torque and make it faster.

Improved fuel efficiency: Installing a Chip Your Car performance chip enables your car to gain MPG, making it more fuel efficient. As a result, you can expect massive savings on your fuel costs. Boosts the effectiveness of your other modifications: If you have installed other modifications to your vehicle, such as performance parts, our performance chip tuning will ensure that these modifications work coherently with the rest of your vehicle. Thus boosting the effectiveness of the part modifications.

How Much Does a Chip Your Car Performance Chip Cost?

At Chip Your Car, we offer performance chips for all car models. The prices start from $84.99 to $229.99, depending on the amount of performance you want to unlock. You don’t have to worry about additional programming costs as our chips are already preprogrammed. Therefore, you just plug and drive. Moreover, we provide free shipping across the United States. Chip Your Car is a veteran-owned business, and we offer a 10% discount on all purchases to active and retired military.

Why Do Some People Tend to Steer Clear of Performance Chips

Although people tend to steer clear of performance chips because of engine wear and reduced vehicle life, it’s typically a result of not installing the chip correctly in the first place. Of course, to any vehicle mod, there’s going to be a flip side to the coin, but as long as you’re honest and thorough with the performance chip process there shouldn’t be any problems.

  • Be upfront and honest with your auto insurance company on any vehicle modification to avoid cancellation or overly increased rates
  • To avoid any engine damage or wear on your vehicle, make sure the performance chip is installed correctly
  • Also, you can avoid long-term wear and tear with regular servicing on your vehicle (which is good practice for your car or truck in the first place)

While your vehicle insurance cost will go up, it will be by a tiny percentage. The improved fuel efficiency, handling, and power that a performance chip will give your vehicle will far surpass the slight increase in your auto insurance cost.

For Your Peace of Mind, at Chip Your Car, We Provide:

Performance guarantee: We offer a 30-day money-back performance guarantee for every purchase. This means that if you aren’t satisfied with the improved power, fuel efficiency, and handling that Chip Your Car performance chips offer within 30 days, you can request your money back, and you will incur no restocking fees.
Technical support: We have set up a competent technical support team to provide timely technical support for all your questions and concerns through live chat on our website or call.

Chip Your Car Performance Chips Pricing and Incredible Cost Savings

Chip Your Car performance chips offer an unbeatable bang for your buck compared to competitors. Our performance chips are high-quality and contain breakthrough technology. You can’t compare the cost savings you will enjoy from installing our performance chips over competitors because there’s a massive difference.

On average, our clients report saving about $1,382 on the first year of having Chip Your Car performance chips on their vehicles from improved fuel efficiency. The savings go up to $4,125 after three years and $6,908 after five years. Moreover, the improved driving experience our performance chips offer is priceless.

Need a performance chip for your vehicle? Call Chip Your Car today for assistance.