Volvo Performance Chips

Volvo Performance Tuning

  • Increase Vehicle Mileage
  • Boost Horsepower
  • Increase Torque
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Installs in Less Than 60 Seconds
  • Top-Rated ECU Tuning
  • Volvo Performance Parts

3 Performance Levels Available: Start with Level 1, 2 or 3!

Standard Performance Chip // Works with Any Grade FuelMid-Grade Performance Chip // Works with Any Grade Fuel Premium Performance Chip // Works with Any Grade Fuel

 Increase Volvo Performance & Gain MPG

Our Volvo Performance Chips combine the feel of a more powerful engine, with the economy of a small motor. You can easily install the Volvo ECU Chip by plugging it directly into your OBD/Diagnostic Port. The performance chip loads new, pre-tuned and motor-specific fuel maps onto your ECU, improving throttle response and overall performance for your Volvo.

Does your Volvo have aftermarket modifications? Not a problem with this ECU Tuning solution. Chip Your Car Performance Chips will adapt to your modifications and provide the tuning necessary for your specific vehicle. All tunes are dyno and road tested to ensure optimal results.

60-Second Performance Chip Installation:
No Wire Cutting. No Tools Needed.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee