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Your Mini Cooper is a sporty compact car, plus, it has the potential to become a high performance vehicle when you add a performance chip. A Mini Cooper performance chip tune will increase horsepower, improve fuel economy, and alter torque for a solid performance boost you can feel. Your Mini Cooper is tuned at the factory to certain specifications when it is manufactured. A performance chip will override these settings and give you more power as well as other benefits.

A Mini Cooper performance chip is a small aftermarket device that requires no knowledge and installs very quickly. This is one reason that these devices are so popular with drivers for an increase in power at affordable pricing. Once you have installed a compatible performance chip, you will notice better acceleration and more horsepower in your Mini Cooper.

Performance Chips and Horsepower

When you install a Mini Cooper performance chip in the OBD/Diagnostic Port it will initialize and begin to immediately integrate with your car’s ECU. The performance chip will analyze data and make changes to fuel maps. Once this happens, your vehicle’s engine changes how it consumes fuel which increases horsepower.

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Red Mini CooperImproved throttle response and increased available torque can take your Mini Cooper to the next level. If you want more horsepower, a performance chip is an effective, simple, and economical solution. Mini Cooper performance chips are available in 3 levels for your choice of how much of a performance boost you want.

Key Benefits of a Mini Cooper Performance Chips

The benefits of a Mini Cooper performance chip tune are noticeable soon after it is installed. Some common benefits you will notice are:

  • Simple installation that anyone can do, so you can start enjoying more power right away without the need of a mechanic.
  • Annual fuel savings will add up because of improved fuel economy.
  • 3 levels of Mini Cooper performance chips for selective increases in upgrades.
  • The performance chip adapts to modifications so there is no need for you to do anything.
  • Compatible with all grades of fuel.
  • Available torque is increased for improved gear changes.
  • How a Mini Cooper Performance Chip Works

A Mini Cooper performance chip does not require special wiring and it is unnecessary to hire a mechanic to install it. It is plugged into the OBD port and real-time driver data and behaviors are analyzed. The device makes adjustments to improve throttle responsiveness, horsepower, and low end torque for more refined gear shifting. A performance chip is safe and will not damage your vehicle. If you would like to restore your Mini Cooper to factory settings, simply remove the performance chip and your car will revert automatically.

The Mini Cooper Brand

Although many people may recognize the more modern Mini Coopers, this small unique car has an interesting tale. Started in 1957 and first put into production in 1959. Sir Leonard Lord in Britain tasked his top engineer Alec Issigonis to design a small, fuel efficient vehicle to match the shaky economic times and changing consumer tastes.

It wasn’t until 1961 that the “mini” was taken over by a famous race car driver named John Cooper. With some radical modifications the original mini dropped its modest and inventive beginnings in exchange for performance in the form of the new Classic Mini Cooper 997. This change over would go on to define the Mini Cooper for decades to come as a smart, athletic, and compact contender that could leave older large sedans in the dust.

The mini gained a following around the world during several decades amongst all ages young and old. But, America did not get its first Mini Coopers until much later after its original heyday. However, even though the Mini did not make it to America until 2003, it was warmly welcomed and has found permanent fans in North America.

Adding a Mini Cooper performance chip will give you more power at affordable costs. It can be installed in 60 seconds, and when it is removed your vehicle will reset automatically to factory tuning. Performance enthusiasts love the ease of installation and power boost that these chips offer.

Popular Mini Cooper Models

Here are the most popular Mini Cooper models:

Mini Hatch R50 (2001-2006)

The R50 debuted after BMW wanted to enter the small-car premium North American market at the turn of the century. The R50 caught on and was a popular seller with over 1,000,000 units sold in just over six years.

Mini Hatch R56 (2006-2014)

Mini redesigned the engine and beefed up the horsepower with the R56 which still retained the same look and style that the R50 had. The R56 was also a great seller in the market and has endured for many years.

Mini Hatch 5-Door (2014-2018)

Mini was globally known as that little stylish car with just two seats and a hatch. The 5-door was looking to change all that in 2014 as Mini added a second set of seats in the back to hold more passengers. Same look, same stylings, and a slightly stronger engine to support the extra weight of more passengers.

Mini Cooper S 5-Door

This faithful Mini has endured for four generations and brings the same familiar style and sense of asthestics to the North American market. The S model brought more focus on the sporty aspects of the brand versus the uniqueness of the look and it caught on with drivers in the United States.

Mini John Cooper Works GP

The Mini JCW GP is the fastest Mini Cooper ever made which boasts 306 hp in a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. The JCW GP is also the most expensive version of the Mini Cooper and is still available today in limited runs.

Choosing a Mini Cooper performance chip from Chip Your Car means you are getting a high quality product from a company that values your business. Check out the different levels of performance chips available for your Mini Cooper.