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Mercedes-Benz is a brand known for performance and luxury. But did you know a Mercedes performance chip could allow you to get even more out of your favorite model?

A performance chip optimizes the stock settings of a Mercedes to increase throttle response, torque, fuel efficiency, and horsepower. With a simple installation process that’s reversible at any moment, the performance chip tune doesn’t void your warranty or affect your emissions status. Simply unplug it when the time comes and reinstall it in less than 60 seconds later on.

With the performance chip installed, your Mercedes will gain new life. The ECU, using the new parameters installed by the chip, allows the engine more room to increase overall performance. What was once a speedy Mercedes-Benz sedan or SUV becomes a new vehicle with a performance chip tune.

Not sure the Mercedes performance chip is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about how easy the tune is to install and what benefits you can expect from a tried and true tuning solution.

How Our Mercedes Performance Chips Work

Installing the Mercedes performance chip takes less time than going through the drive-thru. Simply start your vehicle, plug the performance chip into your Mercedes-Benz’s OBD2 port, wait about 15 seconds, and then hold the SYNC/RESET button for 15 seconds. After driving 150 cumulative miles, the performance chip will have remapped your ECU to optimize the air/fuel mixture and timing.

It’s that simple. There’s no rewiring and no technical data to consult. You won’t have to take your vehicle to a technician orPerformance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Mercedes Steering modify your car permanently in any way. If you need to have your vehicle go through emissions, you only have to unplug the performance chip from your vehicle’s OBD2 port. The same goes for any dealership visits. The stock settings of your Mercedes will be restored, until you install the performance chip tune again, of course.

Besides a horsepower increase, you will also be able to see an increase in torque and fuel efficiency. Depending on what type of fuel you choose to put in your Mercedes, you could see anywhere from 1-6 MPG gains. When it comes to horsepower, standard performance chips will increase the output by 20, while premium performance chips jump up to 60.


One of the dominant German automotive manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz claims a prestigious lineage that dates back to 1926. Mercedes-Benz is based in Stuttgart, Germany and continues to produce luxury vehicles that balance sportiness and sophistication. From powerful sports cars and sedans to capable SUVs and commercial vehicles, Mercedes-Benz leads the way when it comes to the best or nothing.

Popular Mercedes Models Over the Years

Mercedes S-Class

Premium luxury sedans fill the S-Class lineup. While the models are certainly higher priced than your average four-door sedan, the amenities are plenty. Mercedes also fits the S-Class with nearly 500 horsepower and a V8 engine. From the stylish exterior to the posh interior, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class represents the best of what the brand has to offer.

Mercedes GLE SUV

Cruising the roads in a luxury SUV only scratches the surface of what the GLE SUV is capable of. This model is a three-row SUV built for moving families wherever their next adventure is. Kiddos will enjoy the fancy gadgets that play movies and quality music while parents can feel safe with the built-in equipment that defines the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes-Benz SUVs blend performance, luxury, and off-road ability. These two- and three-row crossovers command a presence on the road, but none like the G-Class. This boxy status symbol costs a pretty penny but promises all the perks a Mercedes-Benz model offers.

Mercedes A-Class

As Mercedes-Benz’s cheapest sedan, the A-Class makes it easier to enjoy the benefits of a luxury sedan without having to pay a premium price. The A-Class contains a peppy four-cylinder engine capable of almost 190 horsepower. Though it might be small, the A-Class brings plenty of life to the cabin as well as the exterior.

Mercedes SLK

True sports cars like the Mercedes-Benz SLK enrich the driving experience within a two-door coupe. The SLK exudes sophisticated luxury, from the long nose and curved exterior to the racy side vents and poised stance. The SLK can be purchased as either a coupe or convertible, depending on your preference.

Mercedes-Benz has a strong lineup full of powerful sedans and SUVs. With a performance chip, the best things you love about your Mercedes can be even greater. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice power for a few more miles from your fuel of choice.