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Performance chips are useful components that function to boost the power and efficiency of your car. They also have added effects that include an increase in fuel economy. Adding a Honda performance chip to your vehicle has noticeable benefits that you may appreciate if you are seeking to boost horsepower in your Honda vehicle. There are some things to ask yourself when you are considering adding a performance tuner. What are the benefits and drawbacks, if any, of adding a chip? What chip is right for my particular Honda model? Is it expensive installing this component?

These questions can be addressed as you learn more about these innovative devices that tweak the power of your Honda vehicle.

Past methods to increase horsepower, torque, and other performance factors included adjusting the Electronic Computing Unit or ECU. A Honda performance chip tune is a more updated method to derive extra power in your car. In addition to upping the power, a Honda performance chip will help fuel economy as well as alter torque. The component is simply plugged into the OBD/Diagnostic Port in your Honda and you are set. No complicated steps are involved and anyone can install a Honda performance chip in as little as 60 seconds.

Some key benefits of using a performance chip include:

  • Easy and fast installation for immediate plug and play results.
  • Noticeable boost to your Hondas horsepower as well as increased speed.
  • Improves fuel efficiency that adds up to savings over time.
  • Performance chips adapt to modifications and automatically regulate the fuel/air ratio.
  • Removal for diagnostic and emission testing is simple. Reinstalling is easy after performing these services.

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Honda WheelHow Honda Performance Chips Work

After a Honda performance chip has been installed in your vehicle’s OBD2 port, a few processes happen. The ECU receives remapping information from the chip and the component starts to affect overall performance in positive ways.

The component initializes with your vehicle’s OBD2 to integrate personal driving data that tunes your Honda for fuel efficiency, horsepower, and torque. The chip can be easily removed when diagnostic testing or emissions are done.

Different Grades of Performance Chips

There are 3 levels of upgrades available with a Honda performance chip tune.

  • Standard – Up to +20 horsepower and +1-2 mpg fuel savings.
  • Mid grade – Up to +40 horsepower and +2-4 mpg fuel savings.
  • Premium – Up to +60 horsepower and +4-6 mpg fuel savings.

Maximizing Performance for Your Honda

Honda has built a reputation as solid manufacturers of automobiles, marine equipment, power tools, and motorcycles. They have been making motorcycles and small engines since 1948 and have expanded operations and sales of their various products world wide over the years. By the 1950s Honda was well on its way establishing operations in America. Honda currently manufactures some of the highest quality, most affordable vehicles in the world.

Your Honda vehicle is built for performance and reliability. Investing in upgrades is a great way to utilize the full potential of your automobiles.
It is easy to find the right Honda performance chip tune product for your specific model. This is an important step to confirm that a chip will be compatible with your car. Simply fill in the parameters of your vehicle with the online tool to search for a chip that will work for your Honda vehicle.

Most Popular Honda Models

Honda Accord

First introduced in 1976, the Honda Accord enjoys a long history of reliability and value. Larger than the Civic, the Accord has recently become a hybrid model as well. For many owners, the Accord is a vehicle they plan on passing down to their children as they earn their driver’s license.

Honda Civic

Similar to the Accord, the Honda Civic claims a long history. This small four-door sedan can also be purchased as a coupe. Civics are perfect for driving around town, especially in large cities. The more popular Civic Type R certainly commands a presence on the street.

Honda CR-V

Another great name in the book of Honda, the CR-V practically screams reliability with an edge of style. The midsize SUV contains one less row than the three-row Pilot, but acts as the bigger brother to the HR-V. The CR-V has won many awards within the industry, and continues to do so with each new model.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s big break into the pickup market, the Ridgeline divides the masses with its styling. The half-ton takes on typical Honda styling in the front with a short bed out back. The Ridgeline was introduced in the early 2000s and continues to evolve in style and performance as the years go by.

Honda Odyssey

Minivans aren’t all built the same, as evidenced by the Honda Odyssey. The nameplate, birthed in 1994, continues strong into the 2020s with plenty of style and capability to please any family. Everything you love about Honda comes packaged in this minivan, which seats up to eight people.

A Honda performance chip will add a dynamic feature to your driving experience that allows for benefits like increased horsepower, improved throttle response, and better fuel efficiency. If more speed and torque are what you want, then a Honda performance chip tune makes sense.

The team at Chip Your Car is happy to help you when you are selecting and learning about these chip components that make a big impact on your Honda’s performance.