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With the price of gas increasing, you may be wondering how you can improve your Subaru’s gas mileage…

Do you like the durability of a Subaru? A lot of people like the reliability of this car, but it is not necessarily the most fuel-efficient vehicle. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money at the gas pump. A lot of drivers are concerned about the rising price of gas, and you can stop your fuel expenses from burning a hole in your wallet by taking a look at a few important tips below. Follow the advice below, and save money the next time you go to the pump.

Ask the Mechanic To Take a Look at the Clutch

Even if you drive an automatic vehicle, your vehicle still has to change gears as it changes speed. Therefore, there is a clutch in your vehicle, even if you drive an automatic car. The next time you take your car to the shop, ask the mechanic to take a look at the clutch. If there is a problem with the clutch, your car may have a difficult time changing gears. This can significantly reduce your gas mileage. This is one of the most important maintenance tasks you need to follow, so make sure you take care of your Subaru by asking the technician to take a look at the clutch.

zoomed in shot of blue subaru - Subaru Performance Chips Improve MPGConsider Adding a Fuel Cleaner to the Tank

You can also improve your fuel efficiency if your car burns gas cleanly. Even though you may think your engine is working well, there could be a lot of crud built up on the inside of it. If that is the case, your car will have to cut through all of this crud as it burns fuel. This can put a lot of stress on your engine, harming your fuel efficiency. Therefore, see if there is a fuel cleaner you can add to the tank. This can make a significant difference in your fuel efficiency because your engine won’t have to work as hard to power your vehicle.

Close the Windows in the Car

You can also improve your fuel efficiency if you roll up the windows in your car. Even though you may think it is nice to roll down the windows when it is hot outside, this can also harm your fuel efficiency. If you have a bunch of air moving in between the windows of your vehicle, this will create a lot of drag. If your car is not aerodynamic, the engine will have to work harder to get you from place to place. If you roll up the windows, you might get a few extra miles out of every tank. This can reduce the amount of money you spend on gas.

Change Out the Oil Filter and Air Filter

You should also change the filters in your car. There is an oil filter that is responsible for making sure you have clean oil flowing into the engine. If the oil filter is clogged, your engine might not be getting enough oil, which can harm your fuel efficiency. Furthermore, you should also check the engine air filter. The engine air filter is responsible for making sure you have clean air entering the engine. If the engine air filter is clogged, the engine will have to work harder, which could cause it to overheat. This could also harm your fuel efficiency. When the filters are dirty, make sure you change them.

Improve Gas Mileage With a Subaru Performance Chip

You might want to consider adding a Subaru performance chip as well. A performance chip can improve your fuel efficiency, but you might be concerned because these performance chips require a bunch of wires and cables. At Chip Your Car, we are a veteran-owned company, and we offer a Subaru performance chip that does not require a skilled technician to install. Our performance chip will work well with any vehicle made after 1996. We can introduce a new fuel map to ECU, which might help you save money on gas. Consider relying on our performance chip to help you improve gas mileage in your Subaru.

Count on Chip Your Car To Improve Gas Mileage

If you are concerned about rising gas prices, you should put these tips to use. They could help you save money on fuel. In particular, you should count on a Subaru performance chip to help you. At Chip Your Car, we are proud to be one of the leaders in this industry, and we can help you save money on gas! Contact us today!