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With Gas Prices Increasing, Jeep Owners Are Looking for Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

Are you looking for a way to get better gas mileage out of your Jeep? There are a lot of people who enjoy Jeeps because they are durable, powerful, and safe vehicles. On the other hand, your Jeep probably spends a lot of gas driving from place to place. Jeeps are not known for their fuel efficiency, but there is a way for you to improve your gas mileage. Take a look at a few key tips below, and take a few steps to increase the number of miles your Jeep gets out of every gallon.

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Jeep GasLighten the Load

If you want to improve your gas mileage, one of the first things you should do is lighten the load. Jeeps are already very heavy vehicles. A lot of people enjoy driving a Jeep because they can handle so much weight. Just because a Jeep can transport a lot of items doesn’t mean that it should. If you reduce the amount of weight your jeep has to carry, your gas mileage will go up. If you don’t need all the hunting equipment in the back, take it out of the car. If you don’t need all of your sports equipment, remove it from the trunk. If you aren’t pulling anything behind your Jeep, get rid of the trailer. If you lighten the load, your gas mileage will instantly improve.

Maintain the Engine

In addition, you should invest in routine maintenance for your engine. Jeeps are known for having powerful engines, but just because you can pull a heavy load behind you doesn’t mean that your engine is working efficiently. Make sure you maintain your engine on time, every time. This is important for not only preventing future repairs but also for making sure your engine is working efficiently. With routine maintenance, you can maximize the efficiency of your engine, which will maximize your fuel efficiency. Make sure you get the engine inspected at least once per year.

Consider Making the Move To Disc Brakes

Another trip you may want to try is to swap out your current brakes for disc brakes. Even though your Jeep has strong brakes, you might be able to improve your fuel efficiency by switching to disc brakes. Disc brakes work more efficiently than the traditional brakes that are in your Jeep. Even though disc brakes are not right for every vehicle, they could be right for your model. The next time you take your car to the shop, talk to the mechanic about disc brakes. They could make a difference in your fuel efficiency.

Don’t Go Off-Road

Many people love driving a Jeep because they can go off-road. Importantly, you need to be very careful when you take your Jeep off-road. Your Jeep could flip easily. If you would like to improve your fuel efficiency, don’t take your Jeep off-road. The reality is that your car will have to work harder if you are trying to cut through roads that have not been paved. If you keep your Jeep on the highway, you can improve your fuel efficiency. Limit the frequency with which you take your Jeep off-road. This could help you save money on gas.

Use a Jeep Performance Chip To Improve Gas MileagePerformance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Jeep Wheel

There is another way you can improve gas mileage as well. You may want to invest in a Jeep performance chip. Jeep performance chips come in many shapes and forms. You may be familiar with the ones that have a bunch of cables and wires. It is true that some performance chips require a professional technician to install, but this is not universal. For example, we are Chip Your Car, and we are a veteran-owned company. We have developed a performance chip that does not require a skilled technician to install. It doesn’t have any cables or wires, and it can help you improve the fuel efficiency of your Jeep by introducing a new fuel map to the ECU. It is compatible with any vehicle made after 1996, so consider going with our performance chip to improve your gas mileage!

Improve Gas Mileage With a Jeep Performance Chip from Chip Your Car

If you want to improve the fuel efficiency of your Jeep, follow some of the advice above. Do not forget to install a performance chip in your Jeep either. At Chip Your Car, we always put the needs of our clients first, and we would be happy to help you as well. Contact us today to speak to our team!