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Having a car is not an easy task, although sometimes the most difficult thing seems to be obtaining it. The reality is that the greatest difficulty lies in taking care of it. It’s not just about paying attention when driving, but about making sure your car is at its best productivity level. However, if you’re a devoted Ford owner you understand that maintenance costs tend to be on the lower side compared to high-end vehicles. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your Ford car or truck with a new performance part under $200 such as a performance chip. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, we have a few suggestions for you to consider.

Ford Performance Parts

One of the main benefits we’ve listed includes parts or upgrades that are easy to install. No mechanics are necessary for these installations, and they won’t break the bank since each one costs below $200.

Easy to Install Ford Performance Parts

The following Ford performance parts are easy to install and literally should take you minutes from start to finish. For the most part, these upgrades come with step-by-step instructions for you to easily follow. First, you’ll have to know the year, model, and make of the vehicle. Next, note the specific horsepower of the vehicle. Here are some typical examples below:

  • Standard- 20+ horsepower
  • Mid-grade – 40+ horsepower
  • Premium- 60+ horsepower

Your vehicle will perform at its best with premium-grade performance parts and premium fuel. Other upgrades such as suspension systems, exhaust systems, engine components, cooling systems, and ignition systems cost more than $900. In comparison to a performance chip, which has a price tag under $200 for almost every vehicle type.

Cold Air Intake

Let’s compare your vehicle’s air filter to a human nose, and if it receives better airflow, your car’s performance will be better. Yes, it is true that the increase in strength is not significant, but this change, together with others, considerably improves the behavior of your car. The air temperature affects the performance of the car. Overheating of the engine must be avoided. What are the consequences? Typically, a vehicle regulates the temperature of the air entering the engine so that it supplies cold air when the engine is hot and vice versa. Here are the main benefits of adding a cold air intake system to your Ford vehicle:

  • It provides a greater flow of cold air to the engine that helps achieve higher performance and effectiveness.
  • It sends the cleanest, coldest air to your engine, instead of grimy polluted air that could taint your engine’s performance.
  • They cost less than $200 and can increase engine power up to 10 horsepower, depending on the displacement and vehicle model.
  • It takes minutes to install with easy-to-understand instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Electronic Throttle Control

The Electronic Throttle Control is used to identify the appropriate torque and engine power of the vehicle. It helps the driver to avoid forcing the engine while starting up the vehicle or sacrificing its performance. It is also used to improve fuel efficiency. Here are a few more benefits of considering an electronic throttle control for your Ford:

  • Faster acceleration with a sensor connected to the pedal that sends a signal to the computer or ECU for a quick take-off.
  • It generates a more precise signal in terms of acceleration needs.
  • Decreases lag overall for your vehicle for a smooth start every time.

Performance Chips

Performance chips are electronic systems that allow you to reprogram your car’s engine to achieve maximum power. The possibilities are many and you will be able to obtain different results by programming your vehicle’s control unit by installing one of these devices. Specifically designed to improve your Ford’s performance, this tuner chip can increase the engine’s power from 5 to 20%, depending on the type of engine in your car. The following list is even more benefits to installing a performance chip to your Ford:

  • Increase miles per gallon and save on gas money overall.
  • Offers you a new driving experience with multiple settings to switch to various driver modes.
  • Of course, increases engine power to make your vehicle go faster.

Next time you’re shopping for Ford performance parts check out Chip Your Car’s top-rated performance chips and cold air intakes. If you’re interested in a faster start and decreasing pedal lag look into an electronic throttle control from Launch Pad, available for all Ford makes and models. Don’t keep putting off your vehicle’s performance, especially at such an affordable price!