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One of the most common reasons people want to add a performance chip to their vehicle is to increase speed. But, when it comes to researching and buying a chip, it’s best to let that need for speed take a backseat. 

A quick search online will return thousands upon thousands of potential tuning chips, from reputable sites (like Chip Your Car) to anonymous Amazon and eBay sellers. It’s easy to let obvious factors, like cost or customer reviews, to be your deciding factors. However, cost doesn’t always indicate quality. Customer reviews can be bought and manipulated. And a bad performance chip can do a lot more harm than good. 

It literally pays off to invest time in finding not only the right chip, but the right vendor that will stand by their product and installation. When shopping for a vehicle chip, here are some of the major things you should consider. 

Performance Chip Considerations

The most important factor in choosing a vendor and a brand is trust. Some “tuning chips” are little better than LED lights designed to trick unassuming buyers. These companies pop up and go away just as quickly, with no refunds or recourse available. Finding a reputable company, like Chip Your Car, is the first step. 


Obviously, you want to purchase a chip that’s compatible with your vehicle. But it’s also important to consider other factors–like your driving style. Is it for your daily commuter vehicle, or your weekend roadster? The desired effects from the chip will vary. Some chips will require you to use a grade of gasoline, which can mean an increase in cost if you’re used to a lower grade.  Chip Your Car’s selection is available online, so you can shop the possibilities available to your vehicle. 


Finding a tuner that can grow with other upgrades you may make to your vehicle ensures that it will be effective into the future. For example, if you modify another part of your vehicle, the tuner chip will need to adjust for that. The performance chips at Chip Your Car ensure this is possible by using a “piggy-back” system, so they work with modifications.

Warranty “Safe Zone”

A common concern of installing performance chips is how it affects the warranty of a vehicle. The Magnuson-Moss Act ensures that your warranty isn’t automatically voided or denied by accessorizing your vehicle with aftermarket parts. However, if the vehicle failure can be traced to a faulty chip, then all bets are off, and it’s ultimately up to the owner to assume the risk that comes with it. To save yourself a headache, shop for accessories that are as easily removable as they are installable–like our 60 second chip installation. Chip Your Car also has techs on hand to help answer any questions you may have as well regarding installation and removal prior to vehicle maintenance appointments. 

Start (and End) Your Research with Chip Your Car

We understand and support the decision to shop around for car enhancing chips… Because we’re confident we’ll see you back here. Our chips don’t require any tools or wire cutting for installation, and we stand by our products. Contact us for more information on our products!