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How can a Chip Your Car Performance Chip improve my truck’s performance?

Do you dream of getting more power out of your truck? Would you like to boost its performance without compromising on gas mileage? If you answer both questions with a resounding yes, then performance chips are the way to go. Truck performance chips really work in boosting horsepower and fuel efficiency in one fell swoop – and without impacting your emissions. If that sounds like just what you need, take a peek at this guide to learn how truck performance chips work.

What are Truck Performance Chips?

Truck performance chips are small plug-and-play devices designed to change how your engine control module (ECM) runs your motor. These safe and easy performance enhancers plug right into the OBD2 port in truck make after 1996.

The performance chips give the ECM a dyno-tuned fuel map to use in running your engine. The fuel map perfectly matches your engine build, effectively changing the air/fuel ratio, spark timing, and boost pressure. The chip will optimize the fuel map to wring more performance out of your build without compromising on gas mileage.

Since the performance chip simply unlocks your engine’s true potential, the programming never causes any damage. Even the sensitive emissions system continues to operate as expected, allowing you to go through the testing process without worry. You can even use the chip with all vehicle mods, like cat-back exhaust, camshaft upgrades, and bigger turbos.

Although performance chips for trucks work beautifully, they are not an instant upgrade. You must drive your vehicle for about 150 miles before the ECM starts using the new fuel map. Once the switch occurs, you’ll notice a big boost in power, making it even more fun to pilot your rig.

Benefits of Performance Chips for Trucks

By the 150-mile mark, you’ll enjoy all the following benefits of truck performance chips:

Power Boost

High-quality truck performance chips come in three levels of power. At the highest level, you can expect to unleash up to 60 more horsepower across your powerband. Torque improves as well, improving acceleration, towing power, and confidence in your vehicle. The performance boost not only feels great but also promises to plaster a smile on your face mile after mile.

More MPG

Across all three levels of truck performance chips, you can expect better gas mileage across the board. Unlike bolt-on mods, the chip improves fuel efficiency while unlocking your engine’s potential. Depending on the grade purchased, you can see up to a six-mile per gallon improvement gain.

Easy Installation

Once your chip arrives, simplyPerformance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Truck Chip plug the chip into the OBD2 port, which is typically located underneath the dashboard. After that, just drive normally for 150 miles to give the ECM a chance to switch to the new fuel map.

That’s all it takes to enjoy excellent performance and gas mileage from your truck.

Money-Back Guarantee

The best performance chip on the market comes back with a solid guarantee. At the minimum, you should get 30 days 100% results guarantee, so you can try out the chip and see if it meets your expectations.

Ready to Upgrade Your Truck with Performance Chips?

With so many potential benefits awaiting you, why not get a truck performance chip for your rig today?

What Our Truck-Owning Customers Are Saying…

“I recently bought the premium OBD plug in chip for my 2000 Ford F250 V10. I am extremely pleased with the power performance and shifting upgrade I felt in the truck as soon as I started driving it. I have not verified any gas mileage performance yet as I want to give the chip time to completely program with the truck, but the power upgrade, at this point, is excellent! Thank You” – Gary Williams

“2019 Ram 1500 5.7 As others have said I noticed immediate improvement of throttle response and shifting. I don’t need to put my truck on a dyno to know it has improved hp. As of this review I do not know what the mileage improvement is but I plan on watching it over the next few weeks to see what real gain is. Regardless of the mileage this chip does work on the engine performance 100%.” – Robert Grudberg

“I got the chip in a few days and it’s a easy install process. My fiance drove the truck and came back and said she wasn’t impressed, and that it seemed the same as before the chip. I said it probably needs to go at least 50 miles before the chip reads the truck. I drove the truck to the 50 mile mark and soon as I did my 5.7L hemi is like a completely different truck. She rips now. I already have a cold air intake and flowmaster exhaust. She really goes when the truck is in 6th gear. I love love love it! My fiance loves the difference too. Thank you!!!!!!!” – Bryan Bertelsen