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New Ford Vehicles of 2023

We're going to explore the latest and greatest Ford vehicles for 2023, from cars and trucks to SUVs and crossovers. Check out new technology for the new year, along with impressive features unleashed for the first time ever! Whether you've considered…
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Do Performance Chips For Cars Really Work?

Modern cars are fitted with computerized engines which run on multiple chips. In general, chips are basically programmed extensions attached to a vehicle's computer system to inform how the engine responds under many different circumstances.…
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USA Auto Shows 2021 // Auto Show Life Lives On

IS YOUR FAVORITE AUTO SHOW STILL SHOWCASING IN 2021? The Corona Virus has affected every aspect of everyday life worldwide, including the treasure Auto Shows & Expos. Is your favorite still showcasing in 2021? If you're wondering about…
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Finding the Best Performance Chip

One of the most common reasons people want to add a performance chip to their vehicle is to increase speed. But, when it comes to researching and buying a chip, it’s best to let that need for speed take a backseat.  A quick search online…