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Looking for an extra boost for your BMW?

While the BMW you currently have is equipped with leading performance, you can heighten all of that potential when you opt for performance chip tuning. Give your BMW model a fun edge and truly release all the power and precision within your BMW. After all, when you pay for your BMW, you pay for the entire package, especially if racing is in your headlights.

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - BMW EmblemOpting For Performance

In the past, there have been unwanted side effects from having a performance chip tune installed in your BMW. With modern technology, however, installing a performance chip takes just a minute. After driving approximately 130-150 miles after installing the chip, it will merge itself with the engine computer and begin unlocking settings that were not readily available.
BMW has been known to be a real contender on the track once it is unleashed and has the chip modifications it needs for speed and agility.

Performance Chip Advantages

Fuel Economy Improves

One of the best things about having your BMW performance chip installed is the reduced amount of fuel you need in order to fill up. Each tank of gas will get smaller, saving you more at the pump. As the air to fuel ratio is adjusted from the modified performance chip tuning, the engine operation is improved and needs less fuel during acceleration. The engine is not working nearly as hard and getting better results.

Quick Installation

This service of a performance chip car tuner does not require you to drop off your BMW and pick it up later. it can be installed properly in just 60 seconds, making it one of the easiest modifications you can get on your BMW. All you need is to plug the performance chip into the OBD2 port on the driver side of your BMW. It will automatically start the process of remapping, but you will not see the actual changes take effect for at least 130 miles. The chip needs time to enter your computer, unlock the preferred features, and then start making the necessary adjustments so that they are reflecting each time you power up your BMW.

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - BMW DashboardThe Speed

Being able to truly feel the power of the horsepower roaring from your BMW’s engine is something that many BMW owners strive for during their purchase of this brand. Those who spend their off-time on the tracks know that a modified BMW out on the track is truly a force to be reckoned with by others. The great thing about this performance chip is that it can fit any engine model. It is also versatile with the different transmission options available for your BMW.

Is It Safe?

This modification for your BMW is a safe modification because it can be removed at any time without any permanent changes being left. They also improve fuel economy, which can make them a better option than the factory alternative.

Restore Setting If/When You Want

If you would like to restore the settings from the factory back into your engine, then all you need to do is simply remove the performance chip tune from the OBD2 port and the settings will resume as they were. The changes made by the performance tune chip are not permanent and can be removed and reinstalled as needed. All modifications made by the performance chip tuning is done within the guidelines set by the manufacturer so that no damage is done to your engine. You also have the option to choose what modifications you want to be done to your BMW since there are options available.

Take Your BMW Performance To The Next Level

You have already chosen well in terms of performance since you purchased a BMW. Take it to the next available level when you choose to add a performance chip to the mix. You can opt to get better gas mileage, improve your speed options, or both. You can modify your BMW to fit your needs without any permanent changes taking effect.
If you would like more information about the BMW performance chip, contact us today for more information.