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How to save gas is becoming a more common concern with the rising costs.

Folks are hurting across this great nation, and inflation is no joke.
There are low-hanging fruit that the savvy driver can reach, easy-to-implement tips and advice that will help cut down fuel costs–in some cases, cut down those costs dramatically. There are also some bogus ideas and just plain wrong advice that weary and wary drivers must avoid.

Can chipping my car or truck save me gas money?

Chipping your car or truck can save you money. There are a couple of caveats to be aware of, of course. In this brief article, we will look at how to save gas and show you how using a performance chip can help you save money by saving on gas. We are well suited to provide this guidance because performance tuning and performance chips are what we here at Chip Your Car excel at.

Not just any chip will do

Some chips work by connecting to the engine or other car parts using a series of leads and cables. You can quickly identify these chips because they need an engineer or a trained technician to install them. The trouble is that many of these chips improve your vehicle’s performance with little thought paid to fuel economy, so using chips like this to save on gas is a fool’s errand.
There is a newer, better class of chips that work in an entirely different way. These chips install an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that takes over responsibility for fuel mapping. The difference is that increased performance is not the chip manufacturer’s only objective. The chips are designed to enhance fuel economy and simultaneously improve the vehicle’s miles per gallon output.
Chip Your Car performance chip is an ultra-performance chip that anybody can install in their vehicle. Notice that bit, “anybody”. This proves that our chips are upgraded, modern performance chips. They are designed from the ground up to boost not just your vehicle’s performance (typically, we see proven increases of up to 35% horsepower, or a maximum of 60 hp) but also fuel economy, where we see–again, proven–gains of between 4 and 6 mpg.

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - Gas PumpsAre performance chips that save on gas too good to be true?

In life, we tend to get what we pay for. We rarely get a premium car for the cost of a rust bucket, and bitter experience has taught most of us to respect the well-worn adage, “If it’s too good to be true, then it isn’t.” Unfortunately, all this makes it hard for the cynical to accept a good deal. Suspicion, understandably, keeps the cautious away from some fantastic deals.
Cynicism prevents some drivers from leveraging the benefits of Chip Your Cars performance tuning chip because they wonder how it can be possible to get an easy-to-install chip that boosts performance and saves fuel, all at an “unreasonably” reasonable cost. Alarm bells ring, and suspicion explodes like an atom bomb. However…
One tried-and-tested method of separating the wheat from the chaff has always been that honest manufacturer with genuinely great products are never worried about offering guarantees, and every Chip Your Car performance chip comes with a gold-standard, cast-iron, 100% guarantee.
The answer, therefore, to “Are performance chips that save on gas too good to be true?” is a resounding “NO!” Chip Your Car performance chips do exactly what they claim, which is boost your car or truck’s performance and save your pocket at the fuel pump.

Chip Your Car performance chip hints, facts, and figures

Performance Chip & Car Tuner - Chip Your Car - BMW WheelWhat about lunatics who drive like bats out of hell? Will Chip Your Car performance chips save them on gas too?

Accelerating hard and pumping the brakes harder drastically reduces fuel efficiency. However, Chip Your Car chips make savings across the entire range of driving behavior simply because that is how fuel map remapping works. Obviously, the more sedately a driver drives, the more fuel they will save anyway, and with Chip Your Car delivering its performance boost, most drivers will enjoy a smoother ride with far less need for Evel Knievel, or drag racing, antics.

Does cruise control save gas, and will my Chip Your Car performance chip affect it?

Your Chip Your Car performance chip will not affect your ability to engage and use cruise control. Cruise control is never guaranteed to save money because each car will react differently to ambient conditions.
For example, it could be that your cruise control handles wet, steep hills aggressively in a lower gear than need be, or it could be too laid back, attacking hills in too high a gear. Whatever the situation, you can count on Chip Your Cars chip to optimize your vehicle’s fuel usage and always give you the best fuel economy possible.