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From Toyota to Ford, to Volkswagen and Honda, these brands have been selling millions of cars over the years and all have top-selling brands. The funny thing is, there is nothing spectacular about some of the best-selling cars of all time, in terms of aesthetics. So what makes them so popular? Included in the mix is a pick-up and I think you’ve already guessed which brand it hails from. Here’s the list:

  • Toyota Corolla: +50 million
  • Ford F-series: +40 million
  • Volkswagen Golf: +27.5 million
  • Volkswagen Beetle: +23.5 million
  • Ford Escort: +20 million
  • Honda Civic: +18.5 million
  • Honda Accord: +17.5 million
  • Ford Model T: +16.5 million
  • Volkswagen Passat: +15.5 million
  • Chevrolet Impala: +15 million

Let’s take a look at the top three and what has made them so popular over the years, including strategies utilized by the manufacturers.

Best-Selling Vehicles Of All Time

Toyota Corolla

Toyota has been making dependable automobiles, vans, and SUVs for quite some time now. The Toyota Corolla is predicted to be one of the most popular cars in the world. The Toyota Corolla is built with sturdy materials and tested procedures, so you can handle it with confidence. By 2021, Toyota will have sold 50 million Corollas over 55 years, setting a new record.

The reliability and affordability of the Corolla are its top selling factors. Safety is also a major selling point. The newer models of the Corolla have numerous impressive and technologically progressive safety details, comprising an HD backup camera, a pre-collision detection system, and multiple airbags. Next is the resale value,  as the Corolla holds its value over time. Then there’s fuel efficiency, with the newer Toyota Corollas pushing upwards of 31mpg inside the city and  40mpg along the highway!

The first Toyota Corolla was made in 1966 and eight years later, it became the best-selling car in the world. They sell so fast, that it’s hard to keep up with which country buys the most.

Ford F-Series

The original F-150 debuted as the Ford Bonus Built-in in 1948. Early prototypes had a lot of flaws but have now become classics. The truck’s quality and prestige elevated with each succeeding iteration. Over the past 60 years, Ford has sold over 40 million F-150s, making it the unchallenged market leader in pickup trucks.

The Ford F-Series continues to dominate the U.S. auto market, in large part because it receives regular upgrades to ensure it stays at the forefront of its class. The Lightning, an electric variant, is expected to be the F-Series’ future-proofing vehicle. The first thing that sets this vehicle apart is its best-in-class payload and towing abilities. The maximum payload that can be towed by an F-150 is 14 tons. The F-150’s use of military-grade aluminum alloy allows it to tow an incredible 3,325 pounds. Keeping track of how much you are hauling is a breeze with Ford’s innovative on-board payload scale, which syncs with the car’s standard Sync user interface.

Different purchasers will want different Ford-150 trim levels because of their wants and demands. Even the most basic XL model will indeed perform adequately when it comes to getting the job done, but the higher-end trims add so many tempting technological and luxurious extras that they’re hard to pass up.

Volkswagen Golf

Named variously the Golf and the Rabbit, Volkswagen’s best-selling car has gone by both. Over 30 million of these squared-off hatchbacks have been purchased since their 1974 debut.

The VW Golf’s high sales numbers can be attributed to the vehicle’s dependability, value for the money, and performance. The introduction of novel features and cutting-edge technology improvements help keep Golf at the forefront of the automobile industry. When it comes to driving in 2021 with a high level of digitalization, the New Golf is far ahead of the competition. The Car2X system has given the Golf a brand new, more comfortable, intelligent, and connected driving experience. Thus, your vehicle will be able to exchange information with others on the road, including information about road maintenance, vehicle breakdowns, and the whereabouts of emergency service vehicles.

The eighth generation of Volkswagen’s iconic Golf hatchback debuted in 2020, bringing with it cutting-edge digital amenities, refined good looks, and, for the first time, mild hybrid powertrains. All of this helps keep people’s faith in the brand strong and encourages them to buy the car.

Overall, in order to remove the top-selling vehicles from their current position, manufacturers will have to focus on multiple factors, from reliability to affordability, fuel economy, and reliability. Only a few vehicles can boast all these qualities and Toyota Corolla, Ford F-series, and VW Golf continue to outdo themselves.

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