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How to Install A Performance Chip

How to Install Your Performance Chip Installing a performance chip in your vehicle provides several benefits for those who install it. Just like installing a modified part to improve a vehicle’s performance, a chip can unlock ways to modify the vehicle to increase speed, fuel efficiency, and more. If you’re currently interested in purchasing a […]

Do Performance Chips Work In All Vehicles?

Performance Chips Can Adapt to Most Vehicles In order for a performance chip to work in your car or truck, it needs to be compatible. Automakers have been building cars with computers in them for decades. Those computers have had their digital hands on several under-the-hood components ever since. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that […]

Technology Behind the Performance Chip

Some people call it the super chip. Others call them programmers, modules or in-line tuners. What it is, is known as the performance chip. What it can do for you is recalibrate your car’s factory programming in order to enhance the vehicle’s original operating parameters. This can result in more horsepower or more torque or better responsiveness. […]

Pros vs. Cons: Are Performance Chips Worth It?

Are you planning to modify your vehicle to increase its performance? Along with part modifications, a performance chip tuning is a must-get. Performance chip tuning isn’t meant to give your vehicle any superpowers; instead, it unlocks the performance potential of the automobile that the manufacturer left on the table. Car manufacturers usually leave some performance […]