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Nitrous Injection & What It Does to Engines

Nitrous oxide, also known as “nitrous,” is a chemical compound that is commonly used as a performance-enhancing substance in the automotive world. When injected into the intake manifold of an internal combustion engine, nitrous can significantly increase horsepower and torque, but leave your engine with more wear and tear than you want for your vehicle. […]


What Is A Car Tuner?

A car tuner, also known as a performance tuner or engine tuner, is a professional who specializes in modifying a vehicle’s engine and related systems in order to improve its performance. Most of the time, this service can run your quite a bit of money unless you do it yourself which isn’t as difficult as […]


How to Install A Performance Exhaust

Performance exhaust systems are a popular modification for car enthusiasts looking to improve the sound, power, and overall performance of their vehicles. While installing a performance exhaust may seem like a daunting task, it is actually a relatively straightforward process that can be accomplished with the right tools and a bit of know-how. Of course, […]


Turbocharger vs. Supercharger Engines

Turbocharging and supercharging are two popular methods of forced induction that can be used to increase the power and performance of an engine. While both technologies have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, they work in fundamentally different ways and can have a significant impact on the overall driving experience. Nowadays, there are other tactics […]


Best New Trucks of 2023

So, you want to buy a new truck in 2023. Which one will you choose? Will it be a Ford? Chevrolet? Dodge? Other? Or perhaps you just want to know the latest and greatest from American-made motor companies? Maybe you want to simply upgrade your current truck’s driving experience with a much less costly performance […]

Vehicle Noise Pollution Limits

For some drivers, the noise of a standard engine holds no comparison to the intense roar of a modified one. It is common for thrill-seeking drivers to make customizations to reach that desired roar, which is often achieved by modifying the muffler. How loud your engine is will depend on the type of modification you […]

Fastest Dodge & Ford Sportscars Of All Time

When you think of the fastest sportscars released, you might first think of foreign sportscars. For example, Porsche and Audi are two very well-known brands of sports cars, and they are both German manufacturers. However popular foreign sports cars are, some are just as significant as Dodge and Ford. Both brands have released high-speed sports […]


The Difference Between Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles Although there are similarities between hybrid and electric cars, these vehicles are powered in different ways. While electric cars are entirely powered by an electric motor and battery, hybrid cars use both electric motors and batteries as well as a gasoline engine. Each type of vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages. […]

The World’s 5 Most Luxurious Cars

Highly coveted, dream purchases and objects of irrational want are just some of the terms people use to describe luxury cars. For many, there is nothing more desirable than those automobiles. Luxury takes a whole new meaning when it comes to the top five most luxurious cars in the entire world. From rare, lavish leather […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Finding the right gift for your loved ones can be an overwhelming task, especially if someone you love is interested in something traditionally on the more expensive side, like cars. If you have a loved one who considers themselves a car enthusiast, it can seem impossible to figure out what to get them for the […]