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Regardless of how old or new your car is, it can always perform better. Unfortunately, many people skip out on improvements, assuming that they are expensive and time-consuming. There are, however, several affordable tips and tricks to keeping your vehicle performing its best – most of which take little time and effort to complete. From performance chips to regular maintenance, the following are five affordable options to get you started.

5 Affordable Ways to Improve Car Performance

We’ve come up with five different ways to increase your vehicle’s performance, as far as the engine and overall driving experience. Of course, there are a few suggestions that you probably already follow regularly but we’ve thrown in a couple you might not have tried yet. Please read on to find out more information on how to inexpensively improve car performance.

Regular Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Everything about your vehicle can impact its performance, including the tires, oil, oxygen sensor, spark plugs, air filters, brakes, and more. And the bottom line is that if you don’t keep up with regularly maintaining these components, your car’s performance is going to suffer. The following points describe the various maintenance duties that everyone should be practicing regularly:

  • Oil Changes: Unfortunately, there are plenty of drivers who skip their oil change or put it off way too long. Keep up with this as recommended to avoid diminishing overall vehicle performance and to avoid major engine repairs down the line.
  • Tune-Ups: Another process drivers tend to overlook are regular tune-ups. In order for your car or truck to stay performing at optimal levels, you need to check plugs, tires, and any other components that need replacement.

Avoiding either of these inspections and appointments could end up costing you a lot more than you anticipate paying, so mark these on your calendar. Note the recommended mileage by a mechanic to best maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Use Premium Oil

Oil is necessary for your car to stay moving properly and at all. Most vehicles can get by with lower-grade oil, but you should definitely consider going premium for improved performance. Premium synthetic oil flows more freely, so there isn’t as much sludge. It seems like a small thing to change, however, it makes a huge difference and you’ll notice it in performance. Here’s how changing your oil type can make your car run better:

  • Improve engine performance, while keeping you on the road longer than in the mechanic shop.
  • Better gas mileage has been linked to premium oil users’ vehicles.
  • Save thousands of dollars with a small, inexpensive change.

Decent Tires

Tires do more than give your vehicle something to roll around on. They actually impact the overall performance of your car, increase your fuel economy, and keep you safe. Believe it or not, having a good set of tires is key. Here’s what to look for next time you want to invest in a pair of good-quality tires for your vehicle:

  • Remember, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to good tires. Take advice and listen to what brands are reliable.
  • Choose the right type of tire for your typical driving conditions. Different tires have different treads making your vehicle’s performance instantly better.
  • Also, it’s important to keep the tire pressure at the recommended levels.
  • Don’t forget to rotate your tires and get a wheel alignment at the recommended mileage for the best performance.

Another somewhat affordable performance upgrade at only a few hundred dollars when you do your research and find the correct tires for your vehicle.

Increase Air Intake

Your vehicle’s air intake system is responsible for giving your engine oxygen to help the gasoline burn. And like the human body, the more oxygen your engine receives, the more powerful and healthy it is. While the air intake system that comes with your car works, upgrading to a better system can improve the airflow and increase the amount of oxygen sent to the engine. Consider getting a cold air intake from Chip Your Car – Available for most makes and models. They cost just under $200, which is a small price to pay for performance. Learn more about cold air intakes in our blog.

Performance Chips & Electronic Throttle Control

In addition to the steps above, consider installing a performance chip in your vehicle as well. Preferably from a well-established company such as Chip Your Car. Veteran-owned and trusted by many, Chip Your Car offers performance chips for most makes and models. Their 5-star customer reviews speak for themselves with plenty of satisfied drivers who claim the performance chip not only enhances your driving experience, it also saves you gas money by increasing miles per gallon.

Decrease lag time and increase acceleration by also installing an electronic throttle control from Launch Pad – Specialists in vehicle performance. Similar to performance chips, they’re simple to install by yourself and cost around $100.

We hope our tips and tricks helped show you some easy ideas for improving your vehicle’s performance. Thanks to many advances in technology, we can easy install better performance in a cinch! Check out Chip Your Car’s performance chip today.