mike s

installed on my 2016 5.0 coyote, definite power and torque increase, milage has increased slightly, will be buying one for my escape

George Fox

I’m a 50 year practicing mechanic
and have used and seen them all but this chip and programming actually do the job!
Wow, all hesitation is gone! Performance is very noticeable!
Smooth shifting Crisp throttle response!
I’m totally impressed!
It Really Works!
Buy it you won’t be disappointed!


Little skeptical because of the price. I did do an AEM cold air intaike for the turbo first. Then I installed your chip. I haven’t even gone the 50 miles needed to complete the programming. However, my front wheels spin in 1st and 2nd gear! The difference is quite noticeable. I am actually surprised and impressed. I know the intake added some umph to it, but man! I am super happy so far with my $209 purchase! It is worth the money, I promise!